Road Trip Hacks

There’s nothing more characteristically summer-ish than a road trip with friends, family, or in the company of just yourself for a change.  The freedom of taking your car wherever you please is a feeling like no other. Whether it’s a two or ten hour drive, I’ve been on my share of road trips.  In the … More Road Trip Hacks

Paris Photo Diary

This past March I had the incredible opportunity to travel abroad to a city that I have always dreamed about visiting: Paris.  For 9 days, I spent my days exploring this beautiful city (that absolutely lives up to the hype) and getting to know local Parisians who welcomed us with open arms. I was extremely … More Paris Photo Diary

European Adventure

Everyone says Europe is magical.  The culture is inspiring.  The architecture is breathtaking.  The food is incredible.  I never knew how true these statements were until I had the opportunity to visit four amazing European countries this past summer. For just over two weeks, I traveled to Italy, Spain, and parts of France and the … More European Adventure